Why Reseller?

It does not cost any extra money for me to flip a switch and turn your hosting into reseller hosting. So why do the other companies all charge extra? business?



SSLs can be expensive, and installation can be time consuming. That all STOPS now. Get your SSLs for free, and with 1 click. No need to contact support


WP Management Dashboard

Manage all your wordpress sites, and all your clients wordpress sites from a single dashboard. Regardless of where those sites are hosted. 


Security like no other

Whether you are using WP or not, we have got security in place to help you keep the bad guys out.


Super Fast Fully SSD

With our ultra modern LITESPEED™ SSD servers, your data will be transferred to end user in milliseconds. No spinning disks found here!

Super Fast

Manage all your clients and your own cPanel's and their settings from your very own WHM® panel!



We keep your monthly, weekly, and daily wordpress backups and cPanel backups for up to a year, so you can go back in time when needed.

Get Cloudflare® 
PLUS a special speed feature 
worth $200/mo PER SITE

Get hooked up with a special app that normally costs at least $200 per month PER SITE to access. FREE.

cPanel® 45 cents a month per cPanel

Create as many cPanel accounts as you can fit in your hosting space! Easily manage all your own sites and client sites on their own cPanel accounts. 

Softaculous Auto Installer

1 Click installations for so many apps your eyes will go wider than ever before.



Not valid for pre-existing infections. You get free malware removal on any malware that gets past my security. Most hosts charge a LOT!


Plugin and Theme Toolbox

Get all the plugins and themes you need with automatic updates with my special wordpress theme and plugin installer. 

e-commerce plugins

Visual Building Themes + Plugins
Autoresponder Plugins
Opt in form creation plugins
All the plugins you need!


Includes LITESPEED™ server tech!

This massive speed boost normally costs an arm and a leg, but you get it at no extra charge

Name Brand. Premium WP Plugins and

Here is just the tip of the "Spaceberg"


Turn WP into an Autoresponder

I use a second autoresponder as a backup. How will you use WP as an autoresponder?


Turn WP into a Membership Site

Get ready to finally make that membership site. Awesome big name plugins get it done!


Create a WP affiliate system

Need an affiliate system that you control? Make it happen with wordpress. It's that easy!